Thursday, February 4, 2010


It has been some months since Mommy did any new post in this blog. Times flies as we entered into the year 2010! We are now in the month of Feb and it has been almost a month since our 2nd little princess, Caitlyn, was born. Naomi has found her new playmate and is happily playing the role of big sister to her little darling.

Naomi disturbing Caitlyn just before leaving home for school...

Naomi has been attending Nursery 1 since 05/01/2010. First 2 weeks at school was a nitemare to both this litle gal and Mommy. There were constant crying whenver we send her to school. There was no time when i can leave her with the teachers in peace. I could even hear her calling hard for Mommy despite how good the soundproof walls of the room were (or maybe it's the Mommy's instinct). It was so depressing that i even regret sending her there and causing so much distress and sadness in this litle girl despite that i know i am doing what is best for her.

To add on to her stress, I was away from her in week 2 of school as i was in hospital for 3 days and that make it worst for Naomi to accept. It was a tough time but we pulled through. Naomi gradually accepted school and now she is in her week 5 of Term 1, she enjoys it totally!! She is learning so many new things everyday and is able to speak Mandarin!! (Thanks to the teachers that kept telling me to hold on to the tough period of seperation anxiety and i did and succeed.)

Naomi playing happily with her classmates and teacher

Naomi had her 1st 'Red' party in school for week 5, term 1 today...This is what she worn for her party.. Red = Chinese New Year (just a week away)!

Naomi favourite's teacher.. teacher Ada

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The PlayClub Bears!!

Missy dancing away in her PJs.. cos it's her favourite PlayCLub Bears Song!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A 25th Month Old Missy...

Have you ever seen how vain Missy gets??? These pictures must have shocked all!!! She is all dressed up for school and Mommy decided to give her 'photo shots' session. It turn out very well as Missy is in her best mood and we got alot of best shots during the short 20 mins... see how vain Missy is. Our Little Miss Vain!!

How about this one???? A 60s pose...

Shh... i stole one of Mommy's Pringles chips...

Enjoying cartoon while munching on the stolen chips.. what a luxury in life!

Friday, August 7, 2009

It's National Day Celebration in School

That was a hand made Singapore flag during the art and craft session

'Wave the Singapore flag, wave it high, wave it side by side'.. It's Singapore 44th birthday and the kids in school were asked to wear red and white to share the Singapore spirit and bring local delights for the fellow classmates. Parents came up with cakes, ribena, yakult etc and for Missy, we brought the Singapore flag candy for her friends (Mommy had a hard time thinking of the best 'gift' and came up with this idea as that was what the teachers gave me during my kindergarten days in PAP. You be surprised that it is not easy to find this and we went hunting around in few town centres!!). Think that was a good idea and the kids were all happily waving the flag during the sing and dance session, finally the day was wrapped up taking the class photo for this term 3.

The kids waiting eagerly for the party to start.

It's sing and dance session.

A serious student

Best pals attracted by some interesting events over at the other corner of the classroom.

Oops, the teachers are missing..they are trying hard to get the kids looking into the camera before joining the group.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Missy Turns 2!!

Missy turns TWO on 08 July 2009!! We had a party with all her school friends and her play friends over at home on 050709 for a party this year. Of course, it's a super-dee-dupper Barney theme, thrown in with a face painting and ballonist session for the kids enjoyment. Each kid ws given a Barney Goody B'day bag to take home too (Thanks for Mommy's months of preparation, getting all the Barney items online with the same Barney theme! It was a difficult task indeed). The B'day girl kicks off as the 1st painting guest... a Barney 'tattoo' on her arms which she proudly shows!!

Ready for the Party

Waiting for Missy Guest to Arrive

It's Barney Tattoo!!

Daddy, Mommy and Missy

Missy's Guest

More of Missy's Friends

Look at the Kids Tattoos!! They had Fun

Its a BIG Barney Cake for Missy

Ready for Cake Cutting

Missy is officially TWO!

This cake is GOOD.. YUMMY

Playing at the Front Graden

It's a Flower Balloon

Waiting to send off Missy's Guest...

On 070709, we had a small cake cutting party for Missy in school. This time, shesing along the B'day Song with her friends and happily clapping along.

We Ready for School

Does'tn Missy look Cool??

Happpy Bday to Missy

Feast on Bday Cake AGAIN!!

On 080709, the actual B'day, Mommy and Daddy brought Missy for lunch at Sake Sushi cos Mommy have the crave for Japanese Food. This is the 1st time that Missy tried Jap food but she enjoys it.. Finally Mommy found a companion to enjoy Jap food with. Lookign forward to our Jap lunch date...

Look at Missy's Pressies!!

Another Jap Food Lover!

A Hapy Missy

Missy starts Playing Rough with Mommy Again!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happiest B'day.. Mama!!!

Missy had her 1st rehearsal cake sing ceremony on MaMa's b'day. She can sing, dance, blow and clap during the whole session and let's hope when it's her 'big day' in 2 weeks time, she will do as good.... fingers crossed....

Missy got a bit excited over singing b'day song!!

'I am waiting to eat the cake... When.. When?'

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Can Do It.. By Myself.. Missy is 23 Months Now!

I am walking down alone!!

Missy is able to climb up and down the stairs by herself now. Yes, she turned 23 months and it is just one more month that she will be 2!! Time flies.. and very soon, she will be on her way to Nursery 1 on 4 Jan 2010. She is Mommy's big girl now.

'Mommy, don't understimate my capability!!!' I can go up and down the stairs by myself!'

Missy picked up new 'hobbies' recently. She loved dancing especially to her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 'Hotdog' song, loved to watch Barbie Movie and swayed along when Barbie starts to dance (she can repeatedly watched the same show over and over again within the same day), able to speak more mandarin whenever i taught her the chinese flashcard (and sing one chinese nursery rhythm), and not forgetting.. Missy loves to sing english nursery rhythm and is getting more cheeky everyday!!!

'I need that extra carbo to top up my energy level after the hardwork of climbing the staircase.. Any more bread left?'